Learning Priorities

Like the book from Frances Hodgson Burnett
And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles

At the Secret Garden we are passionate about relationships and learning. Our programme is based on our four priorities for learning.

Leaders in their own learning

The Secret Garden Childcare is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education, where we hold an powerful image of the child as being active learners full of potential and competent at achieving many great things.

Teaching and learning is a collaborative journey of exploration and discovery, engaging minds and deepening connections and understanding about the changing world around us.  Learners initiate and lead their learning, supporting the development of important foundation skills to reach their potential acknowledging individuality, independence and interests. Developing a healthy vibrant positive outlook on life which enhances their sense of self-worth, perseverance, confidence, individuality and identity is important.


Developing authentic reciprocal relationships and making connections is essential to us to ensure that everyone thrives in our learning environment and gain the most from participating and contributing.

Practices such as respectful caregiving, open communication and documentation play an important role as we recognise and value all contributions and aspirations whānau have for their children on a journey where we all learn and grow together

Identity - Ko wai au?

We value and respect the culture of whole child and their place in the world. Through acknowledging the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa and upholding the principles inherent in Te Tiriti o Waitangi we respect the values and beliefs children and their families have”.

Engagement with the changing world
The Environment

Regarded as the 3rd teacher the environment reflects our values and is carefully prepared empowering children with the freedom to play and explore in open, challenging enchanting and in intimate spaces.

Children develop relationships with the environment which are focused on discovery, exciting and engaging the mind and spirit through curiosity, imagination and creativity in fun and positive ways. Through dialogue with earth and the natural world we all share in the responsibility of and an appreciation of sustainability

At The Secret Garden Childcare relationships are valued as essential for all to thrive.

Through our commitment to respectful practices teachers deeply value and empower children and families, enhancing their confidence and self image through relationships developed on trust also valuing a powerful image of the child acknowledging their strengths, interests and capabilities.


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